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Our goal at HHM is to relieve stress, encourage higher standards of self-awareness, relaxation, and blood circulation. We offer many options to alleviate pain, stress, and discomfort through different massage therapies according to the specific location on the body. Or allow one of our therapists to find the best technique that would fit you.


At HHM we are working hard to provide the best service to our clients. Come and enjoy our quiet and relaxed atmosphere. Our goal is to assist you along your path of wellness. Your body, mind, and spirit when reconnected, creates balance, happiness, and health.

Whether you schedule one of our many styles of massage or call us on the spur of the moment we will be honored to support your need for an escape from the stress of your world and to partake in the serenity of ours.

Foot Reflexology is an ancient form of pressure treatment that uses the application of focused pressure on reflex points that are found in the foot. The various points correspond to areas on and within the body.

The benefits of reflexology include:
  • Relaxation
  • Pain reduction
  • Amelioration of symptoms for health concerns
  • Rejuvenation of tired feet
  • Improvement in blood flow
  • Impact on physiological measures (e. g. blood pressure and cholesterol)
  • Beneficial for post-operative recovery and pain reduction
  • Adjunct to mental health care (e. g. depression, anxiety, Post traumatic stress disorder)
  • Complement to cancer care (pain, nausea, vomiting, anxiety)

Foot Reflexology should not be construed as medical advice and is not a replacement to medical help.


Chair Massage

Stress and working long hours cause tension and tight muscles on the body. Chair massage will open up the back muscles, relieve strain on the neck, loosen the shoulders, increase circulation, and energize the mind.

Chinese Acupressure

This is a way of accessing and releasing blocked or congested energy centers in the body. Acupressure involves the use of finger pressure on specific points along the body to activate the body’s own energies to restore harmony.

Deep Tissue

The focus is on the deeper layers of muscle tissue through slower strokes and direct deep pressure on specific areas. Eliminate pain and rebalance the body with deep tissue.

Foot Reflexology

There are reflex areas on the feet corresponding to all the parts of the body including major organs. Stimulating these nerves promote healing and decreases stress.

Hot Stone

Smooth hot stones are used to release tight muscles while the therapist works deeper into the muscle. Improve the flow of energy in the body as the stones dissolve the stress.

Swedish Massage

This is a technique used to increase oxygen flow to the blood and release toxins in the blood. This is done with long flowing strokes and kneading movements.

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